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CraftLit's Episodes: Chronologically Edit


Stick a Book in Your Ear • • • Annotated Audiobooks™

Listed below are the books we've completed episodically on the podcast as well as bundled audiobooks-with-benefits in our ShoppeEdit

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court | A Tale of Two Cities | American Regional Writers | Amontillado | Halloween Bonus 2014 | Bleak House | Bonus Episodes | Bonus Poetry  | Canterville Ghost | Canterville Ghost Sneak Peek | Christmas Carol | Dracula | Flatland | Frankenstein | Gulliver's Travels | Herland | Irving | Jane Eyre | Little Women | North and South | Persuasion | Picture of Dorian Gray | Poe | Pride and Prejudice | Rime of the Ancient Mariner | Sense & Sensibility | Short Stories | The Age of Innocence | The Legend of Sleepy Hollow | The Scarlet Letter | The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde | The Turn of the Screw | The Woman in White | Tristan and Isolde | Wuthering Heights

Sleepy Hollow-Audiobook-w-Benefits sm

Halloween Bonus 2014

BleakHouseButton copy

Bleak Sneak Peek

Cantervilleghost bookplate

Word-of-mouth (or of-text) is CraftLit’s lifeblood. These pretty buttons will help you share the show.

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The Legal StuffEdit

This Podcast is Free With These Qualifications:

There is no charge for listening—enjoy here, on the CraftLit app, or through your fave podcast aggregator.

My audio is licensed under
under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Fuggedaboutit.

© 2006–2015 Crafting-a-Life, Inc.

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